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Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

August 3rd, 2020

Whether you’re moving overseas, marrying abroad or dealing with the legal processes following the death of a loved one, it is important to have birth, death and marriage certificates available in the correct language to make these life transitions as simple as they can be.

Birth certificates 

If you’re moving overseas to a country with a language other than the one on your birth certificate, a certified translation might be requested when applying for a visa or citizenship as part of the naturalisation process, obtaining a driving license, getting married or even as a form of ID in the new country. 

Death certificates

The death of a loved one is an extremely difficult time and in addition to this, it is often accompanied by difficult and tedious processes. These processes, such as life insurance claims, inheritance issues and burial or cremation arrangements, could be complicated or not possible if the death certificate is not in the language used by the organisations and decision makers involved. Therefore, a certified translation may be necessary.

Marriage certificates 

You may be planning a wedding abroad because your future spouse lives there or maybe you simply want a destination wedding in a beautiful location. Either way it is worth considering that you may need to translate your marriage certificate if the country in which you were married and your native country don’t share an official language. Many countries also require this translation to register the marriage officially.

Alternatively, if you’re immigrating overseas, you may have to present a translated marriage certificate. For example, when immigrating to the US, the USCIS requires you to translate the certificate into English.

For all of these certificates, We Translate On Time can provide an accurate, certified translation, signed by a lawyer and an Apostille if necessary, in order to make these tedious applications and paperwork much easier for you.  



by Henrietta Body