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Certified Translation

How do I order a certified translation?


What is a certified translation?

There are various reasons you may need to get a translation certified. This is often necessary in the case of translating legal documents like birth or marriage certificates, or documents for official use, like contracts.

Some institutions (courts, government agencies, etc.) might ask you to certify a translation when they require proof of equivalence regarding the content of such document and its translation. Translators, are the fundamental part in validating this equivalence between languages.

Certain countries deal with this process by conferring sworn translators a legal liability over the translation. Other countries, like Portugal, require a third-party notary to participate in the certification together with the translator.

Some situations, when the documents are to be presented in a foreign jurisdiction, they require the authentication according to the rules of the Hague Convention of the 5th of October 1961 by adding the Apostile. We can also handle that procedure so your translation is valid abroad.