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The importance of going digital during the pandemic

November 3rd, 2020

The spread of the pandemic since the beginning of 2020 has proved devastating for the world economy, leading to the closure of thousands of companies and an increase in global unemployment. The emergence of an unknown virus makes action difficult, government support is slow to arrive, and many companies do not have the capacity to oppose such an impacting external factor.

However, companies that have adopted a digital strategy in response to the crisis have been able to turn problems into opportunities and benefit from the pandemic context. There is no doubt that coronavirus has accelerated the process of digital transformation and it is expected that even after the pandemic, companies will continue and increase their digital presence.

Through our website the client and the company can communicate, without the need for direct contact. The process has become easier, faster and safer. The client can ask for an instant and free quote through the website https://www.wetranslateontime.com/en/order/translation/upload, and if you want to purchase this service, just deposit the document on the platform, put your desired payment method and wait for its translation within the deadline stipulated by the client. We Translate On Time offers simple translation services, as well as certified and technical translations. The certified translation will make both the original and translated document legally binded together, and will be valid for any purpose. 

This is often a requirement for most legal procedures - some institutions will only accept certified translations

It´s simple. Go Digital!

by João Duarte