We Translate On Time

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use automatic translation software?

No, all our translations are done by humans who translate into their native languages.

Who are the translators?

Our translators pass through a selection process during which not only their CV and language or professional certificates are examined, but also their ability as translators. Therefore, all applicants are subjected to tests in all languages they apply for.

What is a translation with a "technical background"?

A translation with a “technical background” takes into account the special vocabulary present in your document related to a specific technical domain. If you ask for a "technical translation", we will select a translator who has knowledge of that domain.

Who will see the document?

Typically three people will see the document. One of our back office employees, one translator and one proofreader when your order includes proofreading.

Are translators bound to any Non-disclosure Agreement?

Yes, all involved parties on our end are bound to such an agreement in which the nature of the document must remain private.


Can We Translate On Time sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) before translations are ordered?

If your company policy requires your translation provider to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), please write us to sales@wetranslateontime.com and we will be happy to formalize it.

How are your prices calculated?

Our prices are calculated by automatically counting the number of words your document has and then using an algorithm, whose output is the best rate for each possible deadline.

What payment methods are available?

Individual clients can only use credit cards on our website. Please contact us if payment by credit card is not an option for you. Institutional clients and companies are expected to make the payment within 15 days after the delivery via bank transfer or PayPal.

Are there any special rates for frequent clients?

If you need translations on a regular basis or you are willing to work with us on large projects, please contact us for special prices that are more suitable to your circumstances.

Is it secure to use your credit card to purchase from us?

Yes. Our website enforces an SSL/TLS encrypted connection with a 128-bit key and uses PayPal's Braintree API for credit card transactions, a secure and up-to-date interface for credit card payments.


How can you offer such competitive prices?

The fact that we have developed an algorithm capable of calculating the price without direct human intervention saves us time and resources, making the process very cost-effective. Those savings allow us to bring lower prices to the market.

What if the client is not satisfied with the final result?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the service, you have a period of 10 days in which we will review the project free of surcharge.

What can I do if the deadline I want is not available?

Our software system sets the earliest possible deadline to complete a translation project, which is in line with the industry standards. If you require your translation before that date, we may be able to do it, please contact us.