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A Guide to the Translation of Medical Records

August 4th, 2020

Why do I need to get my medical records translated?

Seeking medical help in a country where you are not fluent in the language can lead to serious consequences, especially if the hospital misunderstands pre-existing medical conditions or allergies. In fact, many insurance claims of medical malpractice made by foreign nationals are due to misinterpretation. Therefore, it is vital that you have a certified translation of your medical history to inform doctors about information such as, allergies, previous and current medical conditions, medication that you are taking and prior surgeries, to prevent you from receiving the wrong treatment in doctors' surgeries or hospitals overseas. 

Who might need a certified translation of your medical records?

  • An immigration office
  • Employers may need to know about your medical condition for health insurance, sick leave, compensation or if it is thought your condition may affect your ability to do the job
  • Hospitals if you’re in a country with a different official language to the one on your medical records
  • Your caregiver or nurse

Which medical records should you consider translating?

  • A standard medical history, including allergies, medical conditions, medications etc.
  • Post-procedure instructions for patients
  • Test results
  • Patient consent forms for medical procedures

Who can help? 

At We Translate On Time, we can provide an accurate, certified translation of your medical records, signed by a lawyer and an Apostille if necessary, so that you can rest-assured that you are delivering an accurate translation to the relevant authorities overseas.

If you are a pharmaceutical company that needs a certified translation of results or findings from clinical trials, for example, we are here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us!



by Henrietta Body